Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions

STREETLIFE develops a multimodal urban mobility information system that provides mobile information services to end users in order to promote sustainable transport alternatives. It reduces traffic and related emissions in favour of a low-carbon economy and resource-efficient urban mobility. Emphasis is put on personalized information to access mobility and efficient, integrated mobility planning.

Multimodal Mobile Information Services

Mobile apps will be realized by STREETLIFE that provide multimodal personalised routing. Real-time data will be integrated and all kinds of available transportation modes will be considered. Sophisticated user interfaces based on 3D virtual environments and Augmented Reality techniques will be applied in order to engage people towards carbon reducing mobility.

Promotion of Environment-friendly Behaviour

STREETLIFE aims to promote the usage of sustainable transport means. Virtual or real incentives as well as gamification approaches lead people to enjoy travelling on green routes, e.g. by collecting CO2 reduction points and sharing their experiences with friends. "Having fun" will become a reason to change the own behaviour towards green mobility.

ICT Innovations for Mobility and Traffic Management

The STREETLIFE system fosters the coordinated mobility management of a city. It offers to traffic management centers and city administrations sophisticated ICT solutions for monitoring and control. It provides mechanisms to help that traffic managers understand the current traffic and associated carbon emission situation and to influence it by means of effective control.

Pilot Sites

  • Berlin

    Berlin is the capital of Germany and around 6 Million inhabitants live in the metropolitan area.

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  • Rovereto

    Rovereto is a medium-small city of about 39.000 inhabitants situated in the north-east of Italy.

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  • Tampere

    Tampere is the third most populated municipality in Finland with a population of more than 215.000 inhabitants.

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