The activities of STREETLIFE are related to the principal objective of reducing carbon emissions through sustainable urban mobility solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). More specifically, the modular STREETLIFE system will

• exploit information derived from city transport infrastructure and integrate them with crowd-sourcing information and floating data as well as with sources from other domains (e.g. weather, air pollution).

• let citizens enjoy environmentally friendly mobility by providing dedicated multimodal, personalized and real-time mobility services.

• enhance systems of traffic management centres and city administrations using advanced solutions to control mobility resources and enact related policies.

In this context, the project aims to achieve the following scientific and technological objectives:

1. Mobility data collection

Deliver efficient real-time techniques for the collection, integration, correlation, and analysis of multi-provider and multi-technology mobility-related data sources exploiting future internet and cloud computing technologies.

Deliver advanced techniques for collecting real-time traffic information from crowd-sourcing and floating data.

2. Monitoring and decision making

Deliver advanced techniques and tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of mobility resources and carbon emissions.

Deliver proactive techniques and tools supporting the simulation and adaptation of mobility resources and policies.

3. End-user engagement

Deliver techniques and tools for multi-modal, accurate, effective, and personalized route planning and real-time travel assistance.

Deliver techniques and tools to drive the participation and engagement of end-users and to promote and encourage green behaviours.

4. System scalability, security, and reuse

Define the STREETLIFE global and pilot-specific architecture, taking into account the end-users requirements, the system extensibility, and security aspects.

5. System evaluation

Customize, deploy, operate and evaluate the proposed Urban Mobility System on three city pilots

Deliver results on impact assessment of the proposed solutions, in terms of traffic, end-users behaviour, and reduction of carbon emissions, and derive useful guidelines on mobility strategies for smart cities of the future.